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Malta and Gozo

Malta is fast becoming one of the most desired destinations in the Mediterranean, thanks to its spectacular landscape, beautiful climate and abundance of history. The Maltese Islands comprise of Malta, Gozo and Comino, as well some smaller uninhabited islands, and cover just over 316 square kilometres.

Malta is the largest of the islands, stretching just 27 kilometres from north to south. Despite its small size Malta is a thriving cosmopolitan island offering a wealth of leisure, diving and sports activities, numerous top international hotels and accommodation and abundant facilities from bars and restaurants to shopping complexes and casinos.

Malta boasts a mild year-round climate, with long hours of sunshine during the summer months. Basking in the sun, Malta’s spectacular coastline comprises countless sandy and rocky beaches, bays, natural harbours and creeks and other coastal features, whilst the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea stretches to the horizon.

Tourism is the major industry for the Maltese Islands, and the islands attract more than a million visitors each year. Tourists journey to Malta from as far as the USA and Canada, China, Japan, the UK and Australia, and is a popular destination due to its hospitable locals and familiarity for the English-speaking world.

Malta boasts a rich and lengthy history spanning more than 6,000 years. The Arabs who occupied Malta until 1090AD provided the base for many Maltese customs and cultures we see today, as well as the basis of the Maltese language (a Semetic language mixed with Arab, Italian and English influence). The islands have been moulded culturally, artistically and religiously by the Knights of the Order of St. John, the French, the Spanish and the British, who occupied the island until it was granted Independence in 1964.